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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
From what I remember, a thug from Mandys camp approached the judge, mumbled some **** to him about the scoring, and the judge apparently told him to **** off.
Is this speculation or was it reported in the media? ie independent witness. And do you know what round it occurd? You can only have a couple of people in the corner, i doubt it was someone working Mundines corner who approached the judge if it even happen. More likely it was a spectator.

gotta disagree here mate, most of mundines career deffining drop to jnr middle has been fought at middleweight so advantage really goes to geale.
as for sparring partners i know geale has ben mccolloch and sakio bika on hand any time...but that will be a big factor finding some1 similar to mundine...
I suspect the fight wont be in January and will be delayed. I think the more time Mundine has to get back to proper weight the stronger he will be, im guessing Mundine may claim an injury and put the fight back another month or two. Sparring partner wise, if you recall Geale struggled to find Quality sparring for the Sturm fight.
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