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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
If you think the Mayweathers and Wards acquired their skills in their actual fights and not beforehand (in training), then you're out of your mind. Fights put your training to the test, but you can't replace training with more fights and expect good results.
are you comparing average fighters or the top level? be consistent.

stop saying things are more important than experience, in any endevour, in any walk of life, training is important but experience is king.

example 1. new drivers have finished their training, new drivers suck

example 3. a mechanic could explain to me how to strip an engine, i still wouldn't be able to do it first time
example 4. anyone with a degree, you learn for 3 years, then get a job and learn how to actually do the job

listen to people like magnasaki who know about boxing first hand

edit: sparring partners often get told what to do, this is important practice but not the same as a fight
: you seem to have the idea old timers didn't train, obviously they did, it was more stamina based, but they trained hard.

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