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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

it was in the contract, weight incentives, u dont make a guy come in at 195LB and he does it with some hand shake agreement. BJ was going to lose a large portion of his purse if he didnt make dannyweight.

Dawsos, its fact. I was m8s with Leon back then and i was talking to him frequently about it being at Dannyweight, he called me the day of the weigh in and we spoke about what Austin had told him, BJ dropping his undies etc. Unless Leon told me lies, which i dont think he did, Austin lied to him.

U must remember Green didnt want people to know about it and Green was the IBOs cash cow, they supported him with everything he did, even with the Briggs fight after NSW refused to sanction it, which should have raised alarm bells with the IBO but they dont give 2 fcks as long as they keep Green happy and get their sanction fee. Green wouldnt even allow BJ to answer the question to the media as to why he dropped his undies to make 195LB when the limit is 200LB, Danny interjected and said to the media that BJ wanted to show them where all the weight was.
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