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Default Re: Sparring with old men lol

My first time body sparring I sparred with a complete lunatic of an old man. He was about 60 and before we started sparring he put his head through the arm part of his vest so It rode down and everyone could see his flabby grey man ****s.

We touched gloves and I threw a couple of light jabs just to test the water but he just raced towards me full pelt throwing left and right hooks non stop until he started to tire. I thought I'd just concentrate on my movement rather than trying to beat up an old man, but whenever we got in a clinch instead of break he would just hold and try and judo throw me to the mat and if we got near the ropes he would charge at me grab my arms and then hold me against the ropes by grabbing onto the top one and smashing his chest into me! My instructor was doing pads with some of the kids so didn't see any of it, but was one of the strangest experiences in a boxing ring.

Tbh I think the guy just loved fighting and didn't really care about rules or technique as his nose was broken in about 3 places
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