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Default Pacquaio Becoming a Joke But Not His Fault

Thank goodness that Manny Pacquaio didnt become too popular too soon and had all those great fights early / mid in his career.

Over the last 4 years he has just been molly coddled and fed hand picked fighters..almost like a kind of WWF.

Its not his fault though..its just a reflection of what the sport has become...imagine him in a Barerra or Morales level fight just wouldnt happen.

I have absolutely zero interest in the upcoming JMM fight.

Its a shame as ultimately the fans are robbed of great fights and even more sadly Pacquiao is robbed of the chance to leave a lasting legacy.

Up to 3 or 4 years ago he was the best gift to boxing since Iron Mike..since then his promoters have ruined him.

Just my thoughts on the matter..each to their own
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