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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
To be honest mate i dont fight in the street, gym or cage for me

I could tell you were into Thai from your post, it was a very good post
Yeah been doing Muay Thai for about 4 years now and won a few c class fights on good shows and have fought in Spain twice for the experience. I've also met some really good people through my time training and even had the pleasure of having Dave Jackson referee one of my fights 2 years back.

I've also done MMA and have had great fun just learning and competing and loved it when I got my blue belt in BJJ.

As for fighting on the street I don't advocate it at all but if we are talking realistically and it came down to it I am more than comfortable handling myself to an extent but I don't consider myself Superman like some TMA practitioners do.
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