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Default Re: Dana Can't Bash Floyd/Pac anymore

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
This thread wasn't meant to "complain" that these fights haven't been made. It was to point out that White has championed his company as one that would make every fight the public wants, and these two fights are the two most clamored for and neither has been or will be made any time soon.
Like I said, fans will complain about any and everything.

A few posters upset that JJ fought Belfort instead of Sonnen, Well guess what? The fans got the fight they wanted (next April).

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
Stop saying that the GSP/Silva fight is just now being asked for. It is absolutely NOT true. i don't know if you just started watching MMA, if you are just grossly uninformed or you are lying to defend your meaningless argument. This fight has been talked about for a long time.
It is true, and to complain about GSP and Silva not happening yet is ignorant.

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
And that quote from Anderson? Please. He fought Forrest and Irvin at 205, those are 2 more defenses he could've had....but chose not to. It's a bull**** quote. I know it, Anderson knows it, Jones knows it.

Why are you ignoring Jon Jones's quote stating there is no point in them fighting. They are both champions. And if they fight that means someone has to lose. Have you seen that quote? I'm not searching for it. You're so damn informed, I don't need to tell you anything new.
Read the quote again.. You do realize he would be fighting for another title against a much younger and heavier man in JJ?

If you don't understand the business aspect of the fight game, and can't respect a champion's decision making in the twilight of his career, then I don't know what else to tell you other than deal with it, and let the fight game take it's course...

But, don't come to me about GSP and Silva not fighting yet when GSP has been out for over a year rehabilitating his knee
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