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Default Re: Pavlik is a bad fight for ward

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
This has to be the most dumbest **** I've read in a while...So in other words, you're simply hoping and wishing that it would happen. No facts, just bias, hateful opinion.

Keep on hating hater! Gonna be fun watching you ***** in moan in the near future!
chill out will you. bulletproof was defending wards chin saying he's only been down once, which is the same amount that hagler had been down. the point i was making was that it was a stupid comparison. hagler had a jaw made out of rock, whereas ward doesn't look to be all that strong in that department. his style is built around protecting his chin.

that's why i came back with the jones comment. he'd only been down the once too, but had a chin made out of pure glass. i'm not saying ward has a chin as bad as jones had, but it's definitely not solid.

yes, i do hate ward. and i can't wait for the day that the cheating little scumbag gets knocked out cold, but i wasn't claiming that in my post, just making a point. which stands. so keep your panties on for **** sake.
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