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Default Re: ROCK JAW (Neck & Jaw Strengthener for boxers)

Originally Posted by rockjaw View Post
@ Irishny

You have common sense. These guys want scientific proof because they can't comprehend that a bag of rocks with a mouthguard puts pressure on the jaw muscle and strengthens the neck and jaw. Those who want to box and compete with a weak jaw and neck,..that's your choice.

Ya know what...maybe Doc Brown from Back to The Future should do a test on The Rock Jaw. The sales would increase.

Or...I can spar with The Rock Jaw haters and we can find out who has a better chin. I've been using it for 2 months, 165lbs age 39 in Deltona Florida. Lets do the test with some 10oz gloves and no head hear.Mail me and come find me.

Sparring wont prove shit.

We all know your product helps the jaw...LOOK AT VICTOR ORTIZ he broke hsi jaw in a fight.

We need you to stand with an open mouth and let a pro hit you with a haymaker , so you can show us that it works !
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