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Default Re: Pavlik is a bad fight for ward

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
LMFAO! Why are you so ****ing angry hater? Whats the point of posting posts when you've admitted to being a hater in this very thread??? Several posters outside of myself have seen this and called you out on it!

Lefthook noticed it but I see that you're too ****ing stupid to realize it! I'm loving how you are getting so worked up over nothing...What you gonna do son???
this has now become so comical that it simply cannot fail to provide pure genius...

i'm not angry in the slightest, just bemused by your stupidity that's on levels found in planks of wood.

i did admit i can't stand ward, but you accused me of being biased in my assessment of him. i asked you to show where in this thread i had done this... but still no answer. and i'm supposed to be the ****ing moron here?

the only thing to realize here is that you AND lefthook, must be from the same school of ****ing stupid.

for the final time, are you going to provide the evidence to me being biased in this thread towards ward, in which you and other idiots accused me of, or are you going to continue living with the fairies and post irrelevant ****?

earth calling moron...
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