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Default Re: Jon Jones set to coach and fight Chael Sonnen April 27th

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
It's a terrible fight that shows how desperate the UFC has became after a year of mismanaging its programming on FX and FOX. That they have been reduced to this a year after their supposedly game changing tv deal shows just how badly things have gone.

And to say there's no credible alternatives is BS. What about Henderson? I could have sworn White was busy hyping that as a much see match as recently as August. The same time he was saying that Sonnen needed several victories at 205Ibs to warrant a title shot. What about Cormier who repeatedly offered to move down in weight to face Jones. Gustafsson has plenty of victories at 205Ibs too.

This is the actions of a blundering company backed into a corner. It's pathetic.
Hendo is 40 something, injured, "****ed Dana off" (for what it's worth) and the casual fan is not going to get wet over him.

JJ v Cormier, Gustafsson are not the fights to make right now and you would be a fool to say otherwise.

Shogun and Gustafsson will put on a ****ing show in a few weeks, and Daniel Cormier went 5 rounds with Josh Barnett.. That is not how you sell PPV, and it's not how you make a star out of fighters in the world's largest MMA organization.

I know it's a title fight, but you have to sell fights.
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