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Default Re: Dibs next opponent??

When has Billy been any good at "picking apart" guys though?

If his last few fights are anything to go on he is going to try and trade with this bloke..use his handspeed to get off first and try to impose himself...If that doesn't work he will try his jab, run and spoil strategy.
This guy might be sloppy but it can go both ways..sloppy when it doesn't come off, awkward and difficult to defend against when it does.

I watched a couple of rounds of the Franco fight this morning...Luis is a very talented fighter with the Cuban amatuer pedigree and Munoz landed on him plenty..not always of the highest quality but they were getting through..I'll have to watch in full over the weekend, intitially there were talks of an utter robbery but a few people have since watched it and reckon it was actually pretty close because Franco gassed and sat on the ropes a lot.

I would expect Dib to win but not by a hell of a lot ...if it's in Argentina I highly doubt he is coming back with the title unless he can get a stoppage.
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