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Default Re: Danny caught out lieing again. When did Greeny change?

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
LJD is definately tight with Greens camp. The mods changed the title of one of my threads removing the Molly/LJD part and when Danny was telling everyone Wlod accidentally OD'D on sleeping tablets Wlods own fansite said it was anti-depressants. When LJD found out about it late October from memory Wlod removed all references to the anti-depressant OD from his website.
By the 3rd page the Molly/LJD part was removed.
I also recall when that happen, no doubt someone from Greens camp contacted the POLE and wanted it removed, its not like it hasnt happen before. When the leaked footage of Briggs sparring got out Hyder contacted Billy Hussein trying to get it removed as Briggs looked pretty sht against a sparring partner he should have walked all over.
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