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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Lemme tell you what, man...

I've experimented with all kinds of body composition. I'm pretty lucky genetically in this regard; I can build fast and healthy, and I can shave fast and healthy. But, my proclivity when working out and training is to hulk up. I would say bulk up, but the proper term is hulk up. I have to be SO careful when I train; If I just cut loose and bust my ass for 6 hours, 2 hours lifting, I get big as a house in a hurry.

More muscle is a chore. I've had a ton of it before; I looked like an Adonis and all the ladies loved me. But man alive, did I feel slow, and my arms FELT heavier. Its hard hauling all the muscle around when you box. The bigger I am, the harder it was to be effective.

All the steroids made available to me would have exacerbated my stamina issues and my size issues. The muscle building, which I already do way better and easier than I would like, would just be insane.

Though, you bring up a good point...I have lived a fun life. My liver looks like desert camo, most likely, by now. Probably good I didn't mess with it further than attempting to murder it every weekend for 10 years.
Everyone has their ideal weight but maybe the weight exercises you were doing made you top heavy? BTW not all steroids give gains in size.

Wlad I know supposedly bulks up for fights as did Byrd

Obviously the likes of McCline and Briggs have gone too far in adding muscle that justs see them completely immobile and unable to defend themselves

Are you fan of stimulants? I like Ephedrine and DMAA for my cardio, they'll help in the ring too, especially DMAA as it keeps you focused and increases pain tolerance. Both are tested for if you're fighting pro, if you're a pro-sparring partner in your 40s though they could help you out
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