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Default Re: MUNDOG; its gunna be a dogfight. im a cross between a pitbull and a chinese dog..

As an inDigenous person I have to say mundine comments are discrasful. firstly he says he fights for his people
Yet he charges the land counci
Thousands and thousand of dollars to put their signage on the ring apron and if I'm not mistaken the land council in nsw are their to assist underprivileged
Koori s with housing etc... . Yes he has done a lot of great things for communities and gave a lot but so have a lot of other Aboriginal people that have earned a fraction of what he does, this does not make him the be all and end all because he has money to throw around and especially doesn't give him the right to judge another person heritage. Promoting or not he crossed the line. People like presto, Nicky Winmar and Michael long have done so much work to implement racial vilification in sport and promte pride in our heritage, and mundine says this, I wonder what they and other blackfullas reactions will be....disgraceful in my opinion.

Geale wear the flag with pride brother, as you always do
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