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Default Re: Ever train in everyday clothing?

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
I hear this all the time from re****ed mma wannabes, theres that and "i train no gi because its better for the street"
its one of the most ignorant things i consistently hear in regards to jiu jitsu.
people have no idea the the things you can do to someone wearing a hoodie or even just a singlet.
If it's cold and you need to wear a hoodie though... What are you suppose to wear? Or are you simply talking about people training in a hoodie?
My trainer who was against wearing anything in training that you don't typically wear, never wore a hoodie or anything. Typically he'd just walk around in sweat pants, a shirt, a small jacket maybe (no hood), and tennis shoes. His casual wardrobe as well.
However, it does make some sense if your going to be walking around daily life in a hoodie, or cowboy boots, or tight jeans, etc you'd kind of want to know before hand how much you can manipulate these things.
If I can kick somebody 6' foot in the face when I wear my shorts, but happen to be in tight jeans and get in a s****. Don't think I will be able to kick them in the face that day. You might go for it, and it will cost you dearly.
Personally I don't bother with any of that because I mainly box and throw low kicks so regardless of what I wear I can do those 2, but if I trained in a lot of other forms of martial arts something I think I'd incorporate if I use it for self-defense.
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