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Default Re: Jon Jones set to coach and fight Chael Sonnen April 27th

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
You can't hate on Jones for his level of competition - who has fought more often against a better class of opponent? Nobody in the UFC that I can think of.

He can have a gimme cash-in fight every so often. Rampage was one - more a name value guy than a legit title contender. Sonnen is another.

But we don't have the full information. Maybe Jones legitimately hates Sonnen's guts and wants to earn a fat stash of cash for beating the **** out of him. Any one of us would take a couple of million to beat someone's ass who we can't stand.

Still a bull**** fight IMO, but I'd like to know what happened behind the scenes.

And I have little sympathy for Hendo missing out. He really ****ed his bosses over by concealing a serious injury until the last second. The cancellation was basically Hendo's fault. And for all there is to legitimately criticize Sonnen for, the guy will step up and fight anyone at any time, and work his ass of to help promote it.

I think Jon Jones fighting Sonnen has Dana White's fingerprints all over it.

1. Dana White punishes Hendo and Machida. He punishes Hendo for hiding his injury. He further punishes Hendo by not letting him couch TUF, something that Hendo would probably jump at. He punishes Machida for backing out of the 1 month prep ufc 152 title shot. At the same time he gets the punished to fight each other, Machida versus Hendo, in a high risk and highly anticipated fight that will probably be the co-main event of a ppv or a UFC on Fox main event.

2. He rewards Sonnen with an undeserved title fight sending a signal to other UFC fighters, that if they step up, they get rewarded. It's no so much about deserving the title fight in the UFC, like Hendo did, but more about who is willing to step up when the UFC needs it.

3. He gets a chance to spring some life into TUF ratings as it moves to a non-Friday night air time.

4. He gets what he originally wanted in UFC 151, Jon Jones versus Sonnen. Is it more likely that Jon Jones had a sudden change of heart and went from being adamantly opposed to fight the undeserving Sonnen to being willing to fight. Or was it Dana White asking him to do it, either as a flat out demand (you don't say "no" to your boss twice) or with some persuasion. I honestly think that Jon Jones would have preferred to fight Hendo, like he mentioned in a UFC 151 post fight interview. Hendo is a legend. And, to Jones like he initially said, Sonnen is still very undeserving.
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