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Default Re: Sparring with old men lol

Originally Posted by Spooner21 View Post
one of my coaches is 61 years old and spars regularly with guys in their 20's and 30's at my gym, mma guys, boxers, pros amateurs, you name it. guy is tough as nails and in pretty good shape for his age. we dont try and hurt him in sparring but hes alot better then you think hes going to be, he won the ringside worlds for his age and weight class last summer
My old gym was like this. The guy who ran it used to fight in backroom smoker bareknuckle matches before he went pro.

When he was in shape he used to spar with Aaron Pryor.

I asked him one day "When was your last fight? How did it go?"

He said: "I was last week in a parking lot. It was a round 1 KO. Some punks tried to jump the wrong guy."

Also, I've sparred the boxing coach at a local university.. he's mid 50's and very good. Beat my ass easily (I was 36 at the time).

My current gym one of the coaches just won the Ringside Nationals at Bantam and he's older than me, probably late 40's, and I'm sure he would beat me easily also...just from doing mitts and drills with him.
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