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Default Re: Mundine starts the promotion

Originally Posted by oztriker View Post
You give him way too much credit...

He says it coz he is a lowlife...lying...racist...scumbag piece of **** (and that's being nice)
Well i dont think he was being racist-
if you mock another person of your origin you cant be racist.

Scumbag? not really- i am no fan of bumdine but he is no scumbag

lowlife? hardly- played 2 sports- at high levels.

Most of the hate against mundine is only because he is an aboriginal and he has a BIG mouth- if he was a white boy and had a big mouth, you wouldnt hate him as much- this is a fact- Go to a pub and you see what most aussies say and the nature of racism comes out-

Lets not argue- this is a FACT- he is an aboriginal and proud- most aussies HATE THIS!

Aussies cant tolerate an aboriginal with a big mouth-

So lets be honest, if you ''hate' the man which there is no reason to hate him its because most likely you are a racist-.

I for one dont like what he has done over the last few years and taking the fans for a ride and making money $$ but i for one dont hate him and dont have any ill feelings towards him.

I call him bumdine but so much hate is CRAZY!
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