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Default Re: The better win Mayweather UD Mosley or Donaire TKO Nishioka.

Originally Posted by casian72 View Post
You are one dumb ass mother****er. If you are going to counter my post then please do us all a favor and check your facts. You stupid opinions don't count. Ive been enjoying and participating in this sport and other martial arts for a while now, son. So when I post I make sure to double check what I write. I don't want to sound idiotic like you. So go over the points I stated, AND READ THEM CLEARLY. Then if you can muster the ability to produce an inform post come back and we will chat, otherwise **** off.
My facts are right, and don't start crying because yours are wrong, grow up man, you should be thanking me for teaching.

In future triple check your so called info, so I won't have to correct you again, fool.
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