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Default Re: Mundine starts the promotion

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
why is it only white people who get called racists? if you mock another person of your origin, ABOUT said origin and questioning their origin, then i think that is racial vilification. It seems that people only think racism works one way
Look it just donest make sense-
you cant be racist towards your own race- its not racsim-

Hes saying Geale is not aboriginal- i for one didnt know he was partly aborigianl till those comments- So in a way he is not representing anything to do with aboriginies- Thats not racism-

But why is it a big deal if a white person says it?
well this country is being run by white majority and if a white majority are racist it causes massive issues in terms of equal opportunity and etc-

Whereas if an aboriginal person is racist, its ignored simply because they have been IGNORED for 200 years. You Remmebr Cronulla riots? THAT IS CALLED RACISM- NOT WHAT MUNDINE SAYS LOL

Thats the difference- Very simple.!

I have been friends with variety of cultures and i must say the real racism doenst exist as much as it does amongst Aussies- You could deny it but once again its a fact.

Dislcaimer- i am not aboriginal!

I must add that i agree they sometimes pick on people for saying normal things which is deemed racist by some- I dont agree with that either!
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