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Default Re: 2 guys both same weight and speed, one is strong one isnt, do they hit with = pow

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Tendon properties, level of CNS activation, muscle wisdom, technique, lack of co-activation, muscle pennation, fascicle length, point of tendon insertion, muscle stiffness etc. etc.

This is a stupid question that can't be answered (especially not with the level of understanding being displayed here) because there are too many factors and individual circumstances. But if you'd like to listen to idiots claim that it's all about a simple equation like body weight x velocity then go ahead.
Nice, is there anyway to get a full picture of what makes a powerful punch with all the factors included, or is it simply not known to anyone?

How do you find out the answer to this complex question? What do you study to know? Is there any literature specific in answering this question or is it mainly theories and no one really knows?
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