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Default Re: The secret to success in BJJ?

Originally Posted by Big N Bad View Post
I have heard from some decent grapplers, one ex world champion in bjj- that the first thing a grappler should learn is all the escapes from all the dominant positions, and each position has many escapes as they can be countered. then im guessing one should learn the escaoes for individual locks, chokes etc.


saulo teaches a variation of this. not escapes but what could be called defensive posture. but then again very high level black belts have also told me the exact opposite. the thing with white belts is when other white belts know all the escapes it erodes confidence in the techniques and as a result they tend to clam up and not try anything for fear of losing position which is the exact opposite of what you want in a grappler.
personally i dont think you should be learning escapes until at least blue belt.
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