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Default Re: How would Geale fare against the 4 boxers who have defeated Mundine?

Originally Posted by oztriker View Post
Would that be the same fighter who was given a dodgy decision and was ordered to fight a rematch but was so gutless that he handed the Title back rather than face a fighter that he knew in his heart had beaten him?

And don't come the raw prawn.. A return fight would have netted Mundine millions...with no risk according to you
u have to put all the facts in full context, Mundine had a falling out with the IBO as such he didnt trust them for the rematch nor did he wish to fight Geale for the IBO title, once Geale won the IBF/WBA titles the tide changed and Mundine decided to give Geale his rematch. People are also divided as to whom won the inital fight, some say Mundine some say Geale, very similar to the Soliman 1 fight, the rematch will sort it all out just as it did with Soliman 2 fight.

The rematch this time round will net Mundine a sht load more money than it would have had he rematched Geale so close to their 1st meeting, its built up slowly over the yrs and could come close to beating the record set for Green v Mundine however i doubt it will beat it, mearly come close as its possibly the biggest fight in AUS since Green v Mundine and partly due to Geales titles and the contraversy surrounding their 1st encounter.

If Mundine is as shot as everyone thinks its a pretty gutsy move on his part. Give credit where credit is due and put your rose colour glasses away sunshine
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