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Default Re: The secret to success in BJJ?

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
It should go without saying that you want to know the escapes and reversals for everything but the secret to good jiujitsu is in the clinch. Rorion Gracie says it in one of the Gracie In Action videos I believe, "if you have good clinch you have good jiujitsu." Think on this and meditate, young grasshopper.

Rorion Gracie is one of thee most irritating men to listen to about Jiu Jitsu. 10th Planet is all about the clinch and they are not tearing it up in sport BJJ or MMA.

The secret to success in anything is to train really hard, also at a high level, especially in MMA Jiu Jitsu is so much about transitions a, reacting to he other guy by changing position on them.
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