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Default Re: How would Geale fare against the 4 boxers who have defeated Mundine?

Originally Posted by pecks View Post
For a guy with such a severe ankle injury, he sure did a **** load of running during that fight.
His ankle was strapped, im not sure why he didnt engage so much, he may have felt more comfortable moving away and keeping distance, Siaca contuined to press the entire fight and close that distance, it could be that planting his feet caused more stress on it im only speculating, you could tell by the way he was moving that his ankle was injured, he was favouring it pretty much the entire fight.

He also only lost via split decision, judge: Mikael Hook 113-115 | judge: Yangsup Shim 113-115 | judge: Takeshi Shimakawa 114-113 which isnt to bad for someone with an injury, in contrast, look at the kessler fight, he didnt get on his bike much and engaged a tone more than he did against Siaca and kessler was the bigger puncher from the two.

@Duke, i agree Soliman 2 was most likely his most impressive bout, he was ****ed off with Soliman and he lifted his game as a result, he went into that bout with intent to hurt soliman and stop him, i have a feeling this is what he is planning for Geale but i honestly dont know if he can pull it off this late in his career. The more i ****ize this matchup the more i tend to think Geale will take the victory but i have to stick with my inital prediction, Mundine has special ability when he applies himself to the task, we may see the best yet of Mundine in this rematch, we will have to wait and see.
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