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Default Re: How would Geale fare against the 4 boxers who have defeated Mundine?

Originally Posted by Rooboys View Post
So beating the **** out of green for 12 rounds wasn't impressive? Also he did ok when he was 6-1 underdog against Echols who was ranked 3 best supermiddleweight in the world?
It was a good victory but look at what a well past his prime Tarver did to Green. And he pot-shotted a much smaller, recently shot and past his prime Echols to a boring and safe decision.

I dunno who had him as 6-1 underdog against Echols.

If you wanna talk about the Mundine camp skilfully promoting something - building Echols up was one of their biggest triumphs.

My assessment of Mundine:

He's been the best home grown boxer in Australia for the last 10 years. (although Katsidis certainly has a claim with regard to achievement)

He's shown flashes of tremendous skill and speed at times.

His best win is Soliman 2

His best performance in a loss is against Kessler.

He has two losses on his resume that are unacceptable for an allegedly world class boxer.

I personally have not found too many of his fights entertaining.

At no time during his career has he been the best boxer in his division in the world .

I think he's a really poor speaker and says outrageous things without wit or charm. And I'm tired of them being excused as being 'for promotional purposes only'

I'm prepared to accept that in private his friends and family enjoy his company and find him a 'nice guy'.
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