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Default Re: How would Geale fare against the 4 boxers who have defeated Mundine?

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
See this is something we can work with, good to see you are learning..

The bullet didnt do any nerve damage, it was lodged under his armpit and doctors decided NOT to remove it because they were concern that in doing so would cause nerve damage. Not sure where you read or were told that he has nerve damage as a result of being shot.
You aren't very good at this thinking **** ...are you?...I sympathise cos it must make your head hurt

OK...I'll type this slowly so there will be a slight chance of you understanding... "WTF am I saying?"

For whatever reason...Bullet in his armpit or whatever...Echols had pretty much lost it by the time he fought Mundine....

His record afterwards is testimony to that...

Echols had 2 victories against complete nobodies ...(to call them Journeymen does a disservice to Boxing)...followed by 10 successive fights without a single victory...

He then had a win...against a fighter who retired WITHOT A SINGLE VICTRY IN HIS CAREER

Echols continued on after this confidence boost for 6 successive losses

Now...Tell me again how good Echols was and how he would have beaten Geale.
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