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Default Re: Do you have respect for Chael Sonnen on any level?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I don't find that video disrespectful or evidence of him being chicken****.

Wanderlei talked to him politely, and although this was clearly not a conversation that Sonnen wanted to have, he respectfully let Wanderlei say what he needed to say. He didn't apologize for his trash talk, but he didn't get confrontational either. In fact I think that both men handled it pretty well. Wandy obviously has quite a strong dislike for Chael and he called him out on his behaviour, but he was not a **** about it. And Chael accepted his lecture from an MMA legend in a mature fashion.

What would you have preferred him to do? Stared Wanderlei down, told him to STFU, and initiate a fistfight in a van on the way to an event?

Pretty much the same way i saw the video as well
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