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Default Re: How would Geale fare against the 4 boxers who have defeated Mundine?

Originally Posted by kel View Post
I think this is a good point, if we are talking prime Geale against these 4 opponents then we must relook at a prime Mundine against his 4 losses.

A prime Mundine beats Siaca and Woods fairly comfortably...... I think the Mundine that fought Green and Soliman2 also takes care of Ottke.

He never beats Kessler
Ottke was past his prime when he fought Mundine also but prime for prime i see Sven Ottke outboxing BOTH Daniel Geale & Anthony Mundine , a lot of people unfairly underestimate Ottke imo ok he did have a few ropey decisions go his way in the fatherland when they were at their robbing best but that shouldn't distract from the fact that Ottke could roll with the best of them in his prime and imo was too technical a fighter for the likes of Geale & Choc , i like everything this Geale kid stands for but he is getting hyped a tad too much, who has he beaten really ? and beating Mundine will just add to the hype , Great fight for both fighters though i'm really looking forward to seeing it ( probably the next day on youtube as i can't really see this being televised world wide ) .
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