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Default MMA in 2012...let's be positive

Aint been a great year, mainstream interest waning, SF dying on the vine, cancelled events, injuries and card changes, the UFC becoming the Chael says something show... But 2012 hasnt been all bad for MMA has it? What are some of the highlights and positives to be taken out of 2012 for a jaded MMA fan such as myself...

I'll start The crowd reaction in Brazil has been tremendous to watch. The genuine excitement is palpable through the TV when guys like Big Nog and Anderson, who fought the majority of their careers overseas walk out and then win. Reminds me of the noise during GSP v Serra 2 or the USA chants when Randy decked Timmy. The UFC is gaining real momentum there it seems and I hop it continues.

One FC doing well. It has lacked big star,a real big feud or genuine ATG fight to put it on the map. But for an org only a few events in I have enjoyed the show immensely. Hopefully can be a shot in the arm for Asian MMA and create stars of their own in the next few years as I doubt Asian MMA will survive with annual visits by UFC and the more plat forms that fighters have to perform the better. You guys got any?
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