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Default Re: MMA in 2012...let's be positive

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I hope One FC does well, and boosts Asian MMA. For all the hoopla about the massive and knowledgeable crowds in PRIDE, Asian MMA seemed to curl up and die immediately after PRIDE collapsed. Where did those fans go? Okay I can understand them not buying into the UFC due to cultural clash, but somebody must be able to pick up the slack over there, surely. The interest in the sport can't have died off THAT quick.

Two things on that. One Japan is a very fad-driven culture which allows things to get very big very quickly but completely dry up soon after the peak. Two Japanese culture in general there's a generational shift from sports not just MMA.

More than that the problem with MMA in Japan is distribution not popularity. The last Dream and K-1 shows still did ratings that the UFC would kill for on FOX. The problem was that those ratings weren't high enough to justify prominent placing on Japanese network television. Without cable or pay per view the promotion just couldn't make money when they dropped from being a mainstream fad to a (large) niche interest. That's magnified by Japan never really being a culture that placed a huge emphasis on paying large amounts to see the fights live - the culture is much more that you watch the big fights on network tv.
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