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Default Re: 2 guys both same weight and speed, one is strong one isnt, do they hit with = pow

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Yeah thanks for proving my point, Mayweather has small hands and most boxing fans dont regard him as puncher what so ever, Hearns actually had a larger frame thank you might think, I remember Steward talking about it saying he was not only taller than his opponents but actually he measured up the same in most areas like wrist width, chest bicep etc.. Hearns also punched with great technique, speed, he had leverage, the lot.

So good try mate but no.
Actually, if you do your homework, Hearns was NOT a big puncher before Steward, so he's a perfect example to prove MY point.

He had skinny ass arms but he was tall and had good reach. I'm sure if you go fact check you will see this is what Steward said.

Steward showed him the same techniques he showed Lennox and Wlad (both monster punchers) and suddenly, *alakazam* Hearns turned into a powerhouse.
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