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Default Knees and power

I was thinking about how, in boxing (and indeed MMA) a fighter can have real speed and good technique but still show very little in the way of power as far as punches go. That is, some fighters, like Shavers, don't throw with fantastic technique or with real speed and they down opponents like they're armed with shotguns. Other guys, say Kid Gavilan, throw with real speed and superb technique but are never more than stinging punchers. Even Ivan Calderon. Check him out against Nelson Dieppa or someone, he's throwing hard punches very fast with good power technique (torque, punching through) but not even making a dent.

What I want to ask is, is this in any way reflected in MMA? You can throw knees in this sport - is a knee a knee is a knee, or do some knees carry "natural" power, regardless of technique?

How about kicks? I'm less interested in kicks but if anyone has anything interesting please add it.
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