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Default Re: 2 guys both same weight and speed, one is strong one isnt, do they hit with = pow

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Technique matters, but is not the be all and end all.

Look at Marcos Maidana or Ricardo Mayorga do either of them punch with good technique? I'd say no but they both have pretty thunderous power.

I think power comes in different forms and for different reasons; strength, speed, tendons, bone structure, leverages, technique, angle etc.

One thing I always stand by, alot people might disagree, punchers dont have has small hands, just look at all the big punchers in the small weights (welterweight and bellow) they may be 5'7 and look like a small man but they have the hands of a 6'4 man. I'm convinced it makes a difference.
Through what mechanism could hand size produce power? No offence but that's completely idiotic.
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