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Default Re: 2 guys both same weight and speed, one is strong one isnt, do they hit with = pow

Originally Posted by aramini View Post
As far as Hearns, If you can drop a punch down, you can hurt guys. Pavlik, Hearns, the Klits, Lennox Lewis, maybe Corales: all pretty big punchers because of leverage, but guys like Williams smother there own leverage.

Wrists have a HUGE factor in punching. Biofeedback: a man who knows he is going to hurt his wrist learns how hard he can punch without hurting it. I could VERY easily punch someone so hard I would sprain or break my wrist, but I never do, because I know there is a certain level of force my hand can't take with a wrist under 6 inches in circumference, and when I throw KO punches my wrist hurts. Pac's wrist is EIGHT inches in circumference. I honestly believe that if he is actually physically stronger than me it is negligible (tougher is another matter), but I promise you he can throw punches much much much harder than I can without worrying about his wrist snapping.
Nobodies afferent nerves can give that sort of information to the CNS, and that's not something that you're going to consciously know or learn. All the training boxers do to develop power desensitises the GTO.
What does wrist size have to do with bone density anyway? (Bone density would be a factor for breaking a wrist, I don't understand what bone size has to do with anything)
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