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Default Re: 2 guys both same weight and speed, one is strong one isnt, do they hit with = pow

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Nobodies afferent nerves can give that sort of information to the CNS, and that's not something that you're going to consciously know or learn. All the training boxers do to develop power desensitises the GTO.
What does wrist size have to do with bone density anyway? (Bone density would be a factor for breaking a wrist, I don't understand what bone size has to do with anything)

I took about two years off once. Then I went back and hit the bag - but I forgot how hard I could hit safely and my two large knuckles on my right hand swelled up and disappeared in fluid, then my left wrist started aching. Then I remembered - I can't hit as hard as I want to whenever I want.

It is conscious. I have decided to hit a guy as hard as I can with one punch and knocked them out with a left hook, but fractured my wrist.

Completely conscious decision, and professional fighters who fight all the time SHOULD be aware of this if they have any selfawareness.
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