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Default Re: MMA in 2012...let's be positive

My 2 cents.

For the UFC, the first half of the year we had ****in great event from what I can remember, even the card that wern't that good on paper were total bomb live. I think thing went sour after Overeem got busted, call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but from that moment injury went up by I don't know how many percent...I just think that is suspicious. Let's wait next year to see what happen, but if this trend continue at the same rate, that is ****in suspicious.

One FC has the best rule set and the best judging criteria in MMA right now, I really hope that this company will thrive and get bigger.

Invicta FC is on, maybe that way woman MMA will get bigger to, I think they had 2 or 3 show this year, watched 2 of them, was fun and enjoyed it alot.

And like always we had ****load of bad decision this years, the scoring criteria reallly really needs to change !

Other then that I think BBF needs to retire, TBH I don't think that he is there for the sport anymore....
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