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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Had to split the last post into 2 parts as it was too long to post:

Can you give any examples of defensive Muay Thai practitioners?
You havenít looked very hard have you? The most obvious current ones are P4P Muay Thai King and living ATG Saenchai Sor. Kingstar & current top 5 P4P fighter Sam-A Kaiyanghadao . Not to mention two towering combat gods and ATGs Samart & Somluck!

This idea that MT is a Margarito styled war of attrition is absolutely wrong. Sure it happens as in boxing and as Sugarngold noted earlier MT practitioners are super conditioned and hence can out strength and outpain many non MT fighters even with inferior athletic ability and technique but not each other. Itís true there are many warriors like Bovy, Coban and Dekkers, but there are many equally minded defensive fighters to, you just donít follow Muay Thai. Anderson Silva who you mention a few times is no bastion of Muay Thai greatness or technique. There are very few pure quality MT practitioners in the MMA world although with the introduction of lighter weights in the UFC I think thatíll start to change. ďRealĒ MT is a patient tit and tat power game where both fighters stand in the pocket inviting the other to make a strike that leads to a more powerful and higher point scoring counter strike. This idea that Savate is a counter striking game and MT is not is nuts as MT is all about not wasting strikes and instantly firing back once youíve been tagged or are being tagged, the point system favours it and almost demands it! Roach Iíd suggest you go and watch some real Muay Thai and train your eye, donít base your MT knowledge on what you see in the west particularly the States, get on youtube, watch the top tier to see just how technical they really are.
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