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Default Re: MMA in 2012...let's be positive

Bellator continues to put on solid events week after week and has become a farm league for the UFC - especially if Eddie Alvarez follows Hector Lombard into the Octagon.

Super Fight League puts on great freak shows with competitive fights and the best theme song of any fighting event.

ONE FC is bringing the Asian MMA market back to life by combining UFC and Pride style rules. With the full legalization of kicks to a downed opponent - The ONE FC organization probably has the best mix of rules. Although I must admit it was disturbing to see Phil Baroni hold onto the fence for leverage as he stomped on his opponent's head.

2012 has been a bad year for the UFC - but it is also coming off what is arguably it's greatest year in 2011. This rash of injuries and cancellations that has plagued the year is merely a hiccup in the road to MMA greatness.

Anderson Silva wants to fight GSP.

GSP is fighting the best contender he's faced in a while in Carlos Condit.

Dana White wants Anderson Silva to fight Jon Jones. The Jones/Sonnen match is a prelude to making that happen.

So we're looking at a near future that will bring us GSP/Condit. Dos Santos/Velazquez 2. And possibly Silva/GSP or Silva/Jones or BOTH. Imagine a year where both of those events bookend the year.

I read recently Alistair Overeem is getting an immediate title shot when he comes back.

Good things ahead.
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