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Default Re: Do you think Lesnar should have retired sooner?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
well you can kind of say this about anyone guy who loses. i think Lesnar for all his discomfort with standpoint really believed that his wrestling was so good it would see him through with anyone
I think he reckoned his exceptional physical size and strength, coupled with his very legit wrestling base, would see him through.

But then he got sick, lost too much of his strength, and found out that unfortunately he didn't have that real, natural fighter's mentality. A guy like Cigano is a real fighter, a guy like Brock is a bully.

Brock had the bully mentality of being awesome when he was overpowering somebody, but when times got tough his true nature showed through and he turtled up instead of fighting back. He still had tons of heart and determination to persevere, he just mentally crumbled and panicked when he was getting punched in the face. Which is somewhat of a disadvantage for a heavyweight in the UFC.

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