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Default Re: The secret to success in BJJ?

Originally Posted by 196osh View Post

Rorion Gracie is one of thee most irritating men to listen to about Jiu Jitsu. 10th Planet is all about the clinch and they are not tearing it up in sport BJJ or MMA.

The secret to success in anything is to train really hard, also at a high level, especially in MMA Jiu Jitsu is so much about transitions a, reacting to he other guy by changing position on them.
Why do you find Rorion to be irritating? Is it what he says, or how he says it? That matters. Do you think he is giving good advise and you don't like the way he says it, or is it the opposite? I ask this because it is important. Rorion gives great advise. You know he is the eldest son of the guy in your avatar, right? I'm sure you do. What I am arguing that the Gracie family is solid on fundamentals. Whatever Rorion stresses is going to be basic principals that anyone can apply. Rorion's advice is solid.
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