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Default Re: Danny Green V Shane Cameron

Originally Posted by aussie opinion View Post
its 4 weeks out before the fight which i think can go either way....but the thing green usually has alot more media surrounding him at this point, i dont know what kind of reception cameron is getting in NZ but hopefully he's getting big exposure, ive heard green's sold alot of tickets etc, and he will do well with his WA fan base, but isnt being heard from that sells the ppv - this cameron fight had/ has big potential aust VS NZ or use the whole cameron challange grudge ...
It's getting good (not great) coverage over here.
It'll sell ok, general public still seem to think Cameron is world class despite all the evidence to the contrary. Media has been eating up this "world title" bull**** as well.
Exposure will amp up closer to the fight, it's not gonna set any records but I'd guess green, Cameron and whoever else has a cut of the ppv will be happy enough with the numbers it does in NZ
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