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Default Re: Dear Dana White, UFC, and MMA...

Originally Posted by Zakman View Post
Amen. The Sweet Science is #1. This rolling around on the ground **** is BORING, and fans of REAL fighting - where combatants stand up and fight like MEN, not animals - know this to be true.

**** UFC and all it stands for!
Kojčve, in the very beginning of his reading of Hegel, directly points out that man is man insofar as he is at once animal and different from animal. Man is animal in negation, is negated animal. This distinction is made more clear in Kojčve's differentiation between human and animal desire. For Kojčve, man as self-consciousness can be conscious of himself only by desire rather than, for example, contemplation. Peaceful contemplation only reveals object in and by the act of knowing because the subject in contemplation is in fact "absorbed" into the object contemplated and concealed in it. Only desire can bring the subject back to knowing himself for, as Kojčve articulates, "it is in and by . . . 'his' Desire that man is formed and is revealed--to himself and to others--as an I, as the I that is essentially different from, and radically opposed to, the non-I. The (human) I is the I of a Desire or of Desire" (4). This desire to be conscious of self, to recognize self, becomes, for Kojčve, the very cornerstone for achieving self-consciousness as human reality. Now, this desire of an I to be conscious of itself is, in its essence, a negating action, an action that destroys the non-I, but at the same time assimilates and preserves this non-I in the I's (human) reality (as being preserved as thought or concept) that is created by the dialectic negation. In terms of the distinction between man and animal, this non-I is doubtless the animal life which has to be negated and transcended; in terms of man also himself an animal, this animal life as the non-I, however, has to be preserved for self-consciousness to be realized. Thus, for man who desires to achieve self-consciousness as human reality, he has to negate the non-I, his animal life as the natural given and as what it is, so as to preserve this non-I for the I to be able to become conscious of himself as being both this non-I and not this non-I. Although I am man insofar as I am animal, yet I am animal insofar as I am not. At the moment I am conscious of my life as animal, I at once negate and preserve it (both in thought and in biological reality) so as not to be what I am (as animal). My desire to have self-consciousness not only singles out my being as animal, but also by desire's negativity creates for me a distance from my animal self to free me from being mere animal and to transcend my being as what it is toward what it is not. That's why Kojčve would say this desire as an action to negate the given has "time" as its essential form, and that the I, that comes out of this self-consciousness incurred by desire, has "becoming" as its being (5). The negation of the present given into the past opens up a future, the process of which implies time, temporality, and history, all of which constitutes the very being of human reality. And by desire as negating-negativity, I can always transcend myself as what it is toward what it is not and, by this transcendence-transcending, by this becoming as my being, my (human) freedom is thus realized in reality (by my work and action). "sentiment" of self, the self fixed and determined by the natural given, while And the difference between man and animal in terms of desire is such that what animal desire (which man undoubtedly also shares) can reach is only the human desire can achieve self-consciousness for man to be a dialectical being, a being that is always free to transcend and create itself anew in time, in history

Nothing about rolling on the ground here
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