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Default What weight heavy bag should i get?

Ok so im fairly new to boxing (5 months) and this is my first post on the forums.
I really need to know what weight i should get because my 200 pound freestanding punching bag has cracked down the middle of the rod that sticks up.
My stats:
-5'10 1/2
-73 inch reach
-165 pound (no fat at all, probably 6-10% BF)
-16 years old
-hit quite hard(stationary bag moves about a foot after a few punches)

I am going to be hanging it in the garage from a heavy bag stand.
So my questions are:

1. What gloves should i get, because mma gloves cut my knuckles and skin between my fingers. ive been using wraps and everlast unpadded "mits" with a metal bar to grip it.

2. will the bag break the stand? and what should i punt on the stand to make it move less? a stationary bag ****? because it feels like im punching something hollow and makes me lose confidence in my jabs.

4. It seems that boxing has made my shoulders wider, and put on muscle, will i continue to put on muscle?

5.Should i weight train?

Thank you for any answers and suggestions in advance, i really appreciate it.
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