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Default Re: Anderson vs Fedor - who is the GOAT?

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
I disregard his losses - Fedor at the tail end of his career and prime Fedor are two totally different beasts.
Are they really?

Or is it just because he lost?

I guess you can ask "Was he physically capable of beating Werdum, Bigfoot and Hendo?"

If he was, then his losses must surely count against him.

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
Same applies to Cro Cop. Both guys were beaten by guys they would have whooped in their primes
Saw an interesting quote from Cro Cop just today:

"I am very pleased with the fight despite the fact that the fight did not get the finish. For the first time since Pride I was aggressive and attacked constantly; in past years that has not been the case. In the UFC I had a feeling that I was 'frozen' and mostly I moved away [from opponents], I had a huge mental barrier. Why I cannot explain it any more than that doesn’t matter."

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
Cop and Nog are ATGs and though Henderson and Franklin are good wins, they dont compete

If he wants an ATG on his resume - then man up and fight Bones. His attitude to that fight tells you all you need to know

For the record, i think Anderson is the most skilled MMA fighter of all time, but his resume and attitude towards fighting the best lets him down
16-0 in the UFC, with 15 of them being totally dominant wins, is nothing to dismiss out of hand.

And yes, I wish he would fight Bones as well. But Anderson was already 36 when Bones staked his claim as a dominant champion. I find it hard to judge a 37 year old too harshly for not jumping up 20 pounds and challenging an enormous monster who has just cleaned out 205.

And I'm not really sure why Anderson's submission win over Henderson (still the only time anyone except Big Nog has stopped Hendo) tends to be handwaved away.

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