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Default Re: Anderson vs Fedor - who is the GOAT?

I first followed MMA in 07 so I've seen some of Fedor's prime while it was happening but I felt like the media was shoving him too much down our throats so I considered him overrated. Fedor to me was a wild brawler with decent ground game and I preferred Silva's style much more. I liked Silva at that time and still do. I used to consider him the best or up there with Royce but when Anderson was/is considered the GOAT I considered him slightly overrated. Anderson's dominance and longetivity are brilliant though.

Looking at it now I didn't at the time realize just how big his wins over Nog and Cop were as well as Andrei possibly being a better win at the time then a Franklin but def a Sonnen or Belfort. I've never held the losses at the end of his career against him as he isn't making a living tarnishing his career like a Roy and his prime is still fresh in my memory. Both excellent fighters though now I gotta say Fedor until Silva beats JBJ if he does. Love Fedor's willingness to fight anyone but love Silva's style more. Both well-rounded fighters and legends that will never be duplicated.

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
I disregard his losses - Fedor at the tail end of his career and prime Fedor are two totally different beasts. Same applies to Cro Cop. Both guys were beaten by guys they would have whooped in their primes

Cop and Nog are ATGs and though Henderson and Franklin are good wins, they dont compete

If he wants an ATG on his resume - then man up and fight Bones. His attitude to that fight tells you all you need to know

For the record, i think Anderson is the most skilled MMA fighter of all time, but his resume and attitude towards fighting the best lets him down

Agree with everything apart from "fighting the best". I wouldn't say he's reluctant to fight the best I'd say he's reluctant to fight guys elite that are in a bigger weightclass than him. Not only JBJ but he refused Evans too. Not that I think Evans would've beaten him but still he showed reluctance to face him aswell as Johnny.
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