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Default Re: Amir is now a man of war

Originally Posted by Decebal
Finally, an answer! Thank you!

So do you jump over the bar? So one of the 40 "rounds" involves:

hitting the bag for 1 min, jumping over the bar to and fro for 1 minute and then hitting the bag for another minute? And then carrying on without interruption for "round 2"?

If so, that's HARD!
He doesn't do 40 rounds- he manages forty jumps in the minute. Round one you jump the bar, then hit the bag, then jump the bar. Round two you hit the bag, then you jump the bar, then you hit the bag.... and so on and so forth.

Average joe fitness freak should aim for 25 jumps and about three rounds. Most pro's should be scoring around the 35-40 mark and doing 6-8 rounds in preperation for a similer number of rounds. I've beaten forty a few times but it is hard work..... With regards to the height of the bar Khan is a lot taller then Ricky so his bar should be higher.

I was a little suprised at the amount of weight Khan can lift- I thought it would be much more.
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