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Default Re: Anderson vs Fedor - who is the GOAT?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
It's not the same, Fedor was the #1 ranked fighter in the world two years ago.

Fabricio Werdum was not supposed to beat Fedor

It was a shocking upset. No shame in losing, but glossing over 2 TKO and submission losses with 3 cans is not a good look.
Dan Henderson and Werdum are cans?

Bigfoot's not even a can, let alone Werdum and ****ing Hendo.

But I agree that all this "he wasn't Fedor" bull**** is revisionist history. He was entirely capable of beating Werdum, he was heavily favoured to beat Werdum, and the only reason he lost the way he did was because he got sloppy. If Fedor of the Nog fights carelessly leaped right into Werdum's guard and started flailing at him without establishing any kind of base, he would have been submitted too. His technique and motivation had devolved, not his body.

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