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Default Re: Do you have respect for Chael Sonnen on any level?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Chael is good for the sport, and will have much to offer for this coming season of TUF.

He knows how to sell a fight, I think a lot of fighters will follow in his footsteps.
I reckon he'll be a really good coach for TUF as well. He strikes me as the kind of fighter who will care about his guys.

I'd sure as hell be hoping I ended up on his team rather than Jones', anyway. He's vastly more experienced, has found a lot of success with ordinary natural athletic ability, and he seems much more of a relateable, engaging, "real" person to spend time with on a personal level. Jones carries himself like a prince who was born to be the king, and who wants to be a great king. Sonnen carries himself like a regular guy made good, who works very hard and is grateful for the life he's made.

I don't think Jones quite understands what it's like to fight on an even or inferior footing physically. Sonnen, on the other hand, is all heart, sweat and guts. I reckon no-name hopeful fighters will connect with that a lot easier than they connect with the freak-athlete.

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